Kenny from West Mall

The UBC Department of Psychology is housed in the Kenny Building, which stands near the corner of University Boulevard and West Mall, near the Campus’s western boundary with the Pacific. The main feature of the Kenny Building is its large core atrium, which promotes interaction among faculty members and students. The front entrance is graced by an original totem pole carved by the renowned West Coast carver, Art Thompson.

The Kenny Building was completed in 1984 and was named after Douglas T. Kenny, whose long career included service as Head of the Department of Psychology, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and President of UBC.

Psychology is both a science and a profession. On the scientific side, researchers try to measure, explain, and modify the behaviour of humans and other species. Research in Psychology includes both behavioural and physiological studies of many sorts. As a profession, Psychology includes a number of different types of practitioners who apply psychological principles to solve practical problems. This group includes clinical specialists, who work in the areas of mental health, behavioural medicine, stress management, psychological testing, and guidance counselling.
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