Alden, L. Cognitive processes in the anxiety disorders; Social Anxiety Disorder; adult-onset Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, cognitive-behavior therapy.
Brenner, C. Psychopathology with an emphasis on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; Psychophysiology, including new methods of EEG and ERP quantification; endophenotypes, both EEG and behavioral measures.
Craig, K. Health psychology; psychology of pain and pain management; children's pain; anxiety management.
Gorzalka, B. Clinical Sexual dysfunction; sexual psychophysiology; ethnic differences in sexual behavior and attitudes; cognitive factors in sexual arousal; menopause.
Hewitt, P. Perfectionism, personality vulnerability, depression, and suicide in adults and children.
Johnston, C. Research focuses on families of children with disruptive behavior, particularly children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and oppositional or conduct problems.
Klonsky, E.D. Suicide, emotion/emotion dysregulation, self-injury, borderline personality disorder, impulsivity, clinical inference and assessment, integration of psychological science and practice.
Linden, W. Health psychology; Psychophysiology; Cardiac Rehabilitation; Hypertension; Psychological Adjustment to Cancer.
Mikami, A. My work focuses on ways in which a supportive classroom or home environment can help children to make friends. I have a special interest in designing and evaluating interventions that train teachers or parents in strategies to assist children with peer problems.
Woody, S. My research aims to gain a better understanding of cognitive, social, emotional, and community aspects of compulsive hoarding.
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