Baron, A. The role of conceptual development in social cognition; implicit and explicit intergroup cognition including the acquisition and development of social category concepts, attitudes, and stereotypes (inductive reasoning, prejudice); and the cognitive and cultural origins of ingroup/outgroup representations.
Birch, S. Development of social cognition, or ‘theory of mind’ broadly construed; perspective-taking abilities across the lifespan.
Cameron, A. Cross-cultural studies of the development of verbal deception, stress reactivity, telephone mediation of children's communications, emergent literacy, ecological studies of resilience.
Chandler, M.J. Social-cognition development, affective development, developmental psychopathology, identity development, youth suicide, Aboriginal youth.
Enns, J.T. Vision, attention, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, computational vision, development of perception and attention.
Hall, G. Lexical and conceptual development, semantic development, language acquisition.
Hamlin, J.K. Social cognitive development - early social and moral judgments
Mikami, A. My work focuses on ways in which a supportive classroom or home environment can help children to make friends. I have a special interest in designing and evaluating interventions that train teachers or parents in strategies to assist children with peer problems.
Walker, L. The psychology of moral development - motivation, personality, and identity.
Werker, J. Precursors to language acquisition in infancy - speech perception, early word learning, cognitive development, and parent-infant communication. Infants from hours after birth up to toddler hood are studied using both behavioural and electrophysiological (ERP) techniques. These processes are also studied in infants growing up bilingual, and in infants with, or at risk for, developmental disabilities. Adult studies focus on speech perception and lexical processing of both spoken language and visual speech, and involve behavioural and neuroimaging studies.
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