Health Research Labs

The Centre for Health and Coping Studies
Principal Investigator(s): DeLongis, Anita
Lab Address:

The Centre for Health and Coping Studies is involved in understanding the psychosocial aspects to adapting to stress.
The Health and Adult Development Laboratory
Principal Investigator(s): Hoppmann, Christiane
Lab Address:

In the Health and Adult Development Lab we conduct research that examines the influences of social relationships and motivational processes for wellbeing and health across the adult lifespan. Current projects focus on the role of goals and motivational processes for adaptive functioning in daily life (emotion regulation; stress; health behaviors). In addition, we examine how health trajectories influence and are influenced by close others such as spouses. Overall, the long-term goal of our research is to better understand the social and motivational resources that contribute to the successful mastery of challenges and foster healthy functioning in different phases of the lifespan.
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