Phone Number
Kenny Room
Email Address
Alden, Lynn Clinical 822-2198 3402 Alden, Lynn email pic
Assanand, Sunaina Learning Enhancement 822-2851 3102 Assanand, Sunaina email pic
Barnes, Steven Learning Enhancement, Learning Enhancement 822-4656 3104 Barnes, Steven email pic
Baron, Andrew Developmental, Social/Personality 822-6311 2402 Baron, Andrew email pic
Biesanz, Jeremy Quantitative Methods, Social/Personality 822-6493 2037 Biesanz, Jeremy email pic
Birch, Susan Developmental 822-3994 2031 Birch, Susan email pic
Brenner, Colleen Clinical, Cognitive Science 822-4650 3507 Brenner, Colleen email pic
Chen, Frances Health, Social/Personality 822-2549 3521 Chen, Frances email pic
Christoff, Kalina Cognitive Science 822-4610 3408 Christoff, Kalina email pic
DeLongis, Anita Health 822-3257 2410 DeLongis, Anita email pic
Dunn, Elizabeth Social/Personality 827-3144 2013 Dunn, Elizabeth email pic
Dutton, Don Social/Personality 822-4592 LMRS 206 Dutton, Don email pic
Eich, Eric Cognitive Science 822-3078 2525 Eich, Eric email pic
Enns, James T. Cognitive Science, Developmental 822-6634 CIRS 4355 Enns, James T. email pic
Floresco, Stan Behavioural Neuroscience 827-5313 3513 Floresco, Stan email pic
Galea, Liisa Behavioural Neuroscience 822-6536 3523 Galea, Liisa email pic
Gorzalka, Boris Clinical, Behavioural Neuroscience 822-3095 3511 Gorzalka, Boris email pic
Graf, Peter Cognitive Science 822-6635 CIRS 4352 Graf, Peter email pic
Hall, Geoff Developmental 822-2229 2408 Hall, Geoff email pic
Hamlin, J. Kiley Developmental 822-2297 2019 Hamlin, J. Kiley email pic
Handy, Todd Cognitive Science, Health 822-2706 3406 Handy, Todd email pic
Heine, Steve Social/Personality 822-6908 2021 Heine, Steve email pic
Henrich, Joseph Social/Personality 822-3007 2039 Henrich, Joseph email pic
Hewitt, Paul Clinical 822-5827 3404 Hewitt, Paul email pic
Hoppmann, Christiane Health 822-8428 3509 Hoppmann, Christiane email pic
Johnston, Charlotte Clinical 822-6771 1902 Johnston, Charlotte email pic
Kingstone, Alan Cognitive Science 822-9230 CIRS 4356 Kingstone, Alan email pic
Klonsky, E. David Clinical 822-5972 2406 Klonsky, E. David email pic
Lehman, Darrin Social/Personality 822-2755 Lehman, Darrin email pic
Linden, Wolfgang Clinical, Health 822-4156 3108 Linden, Wolfgang email pic
Mikami, Amori Clinical, Developmental 822-3245 1904 Mikami, Amori email pic
Norenzayan, Ara Social/Personality 827-5134 3102 Norenzayan, Ara email pic
Paulhus, Del Social/Personality 822-3286 3519 Paulhus, Del email pic
Rankin, Cathy Behavioural Neuroscience 822-5449 3525 Rankin, Cathy email pic
Rawn, Catherine Learning Enhancement 822-2513 2523 Rawn, Catherine email pic
Rensink, Ron Cognitive Science 822-2579 3106 Rensink, Ron email pic
Savalei, Victoria Quantitative Methods, Social/Personality 822-2296 3410 Savalei, Victoria email pic
Schaller, Mark Social/Personality 822-2613 CIRS 4353 Schaller, Mark email pic
Schmader, Toni Social/Personality 822-4826 3533 Schmader, Toni email pic
Snyder, Jason S. Behavioural Neuroscience 822-3269 3517 Snyder, Jason S. email pic
Soma, Kiran Behavioural Neuroscience 827-5820 3505 Soma, Kiran email pic
Souza, Michael Learning Enhancement 822-3020 CIRS 4351 Souza, Michael email pic
Todd, Rebecca Cognitive Science, 827-2074 CIRS 4342A Todd, Rebecca email pic
Tracy, Jessica Social/Personality 822-2718 3515 Tracy, Jessica email pic
Walker, Larry Developmental, Social/Personality 822-3006 2017 Walker, Larry email pic
Ward, Lawrence Cognitive Science 822-6309 3529 Ward, Lawrence email pic
Werker, Janet Developmental, Cognitive Science 822-6741 2404 Werker, Janet email pic
Winstanley, Catharine Behavioural Neuroscience 822-3128 3527 Winstanley, Catharine email pic
Woody, Sheila Clinical 822-2719 1605 Woody, Sheila email pic
Zhao, Jiaying Cognitive Science 827-2203 CIRS 4341 Zhao, Jiaying  email pic

Emeritus and Honorary Faculty
Albert, David Behavioural Neuroscience Albert, David email pic
Butt, Susan Social/Personality (250) 653-4681 Butt, Susan email pic
Cameron, Ann Developmental 822-9078 Cameron, Ann email pic
Campbell, Jennifer Social/Personality Campbell, Jennifer email pic
Chandler, Michael J. Developmental 822-2407 LMRS 210 Chandler, Michael J. email pic
Coren, Stan Cognitive Science 822-5713
Mobile: (778) 869-5776
LMRS 202 Coren, Stan email pic
Craig, Ken Clinical 822-3948 LMRS 200 Craig, Ken email pic
Hakstian, Ralph Quantitative Methods 822-5067 LMRS 204 Hakstian, Ralph email pic
Hare, Bob Forensic Hare, Bob email pic
MacBeth, Tannis Developmental MacBeth, Tannis email pic
Pinel, John Behavioural Neuroscience
Rachman, Jack Clinical 822-5861 LMRS 210 Rachman, Jack email pic
Suedfeld, Peter Cognitive Science, Social/Personality 822-5713 LMRS 202 Suedfeld, Peter email pic
Tees, Richard Behavioural Neuroscience 822-3948 LMRS 200 Tees, Richard email pic
Valle, Fred Behavioural Neuroscience Valle, Fred email pic
Wilkie, Don Behavioural Neuroscience Wilkie, Don email pic
Wong, Rod Behavioural Neuroscience Wong, Rod email pic
Yuille, John Forensic Yuille, John email pic
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