Phone Number
Kenny Room
Email Address
Brenner, Colleen Clinical, Cognitive Science 822-4650 3507 Brenner, Colleen email pic
Christoff, Kalina Cognitive Science 822-4610 3408 Christoff, Kalina email pic
Eich, Eric Cognitive Science 822-3078 2525 Eich, Eric email pic
Enns, James T. Cognitive Science, Developmental 822-6634 CIRS 4355 Enns, James T. email pic
Graf, Peter Cognitive Science 822-6635 CIRS 4352 Graf, Peter email pic
Handy, Todd Cognitive Science, Health 822-2706 3406 Handy, Todd email pic
Kingstone, Alan Cognitive Science 822-9230 CIRS 4356 Kingstone, Alan email pic
Rensink, Ron Cognitive Science 822-2579 3106 Rensink, Ron email pic
Todd, Rebecca Cognitive Science, 827-2074 CIRS 4342A Todd, Rebecca email pic
Ward, Lawrence Cognitive Science 822-6309 3529 Ward, Lawrence email pic
Werker, Janet Developmental, Cognitive Science 822-6741 2404 Werker, Janet email pic
Zhao, Jiaying Cognitive Science 827-2203 CIRS 4341 Zhao, Jiaying  email pic

Emeritus and Honorary Faculty
Coren, Stan Cognitive Science 822-5713
Mobile: (778) 869-5776
LMRS 202 Coren, Stan email pic
Suedfeld, Peter Cognitive Science, Social/Personality 822-5713 LMRS 202 Suedfeld, Peter email pic
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