Phone Number
Kenny Room
Email Address
Baron, Andrew Developmental, Social/Personality 822-6311 2402 Baron, Andrew email pic
Biesanz, Jeremy Quantitative Methods, Social/Personality 822-6493 2037 Biesanz, Jeremy email pic
Chen, Frances Health, Social/Personality 822-2549 3521 Chen, Frances email pic
Dunn, Elizabeth Social/Personality 827-3144 2013 Dunn, Elizabeth email pic
Dutton, Don Social/Personality 822-4592 LMRS 206 Dutton, Don email pic
Heine, Steve Social/Personality 822-6908 2021 Heine, Steve email pic
Henrich, Joseph Social/Personality 822-3007 2039 Henrich, Joseph email pic
Lehman, Darrin Social/Personality 822-2755 Lehman, Darrin email pic
Norenzayan, Ara Social/Personality 827-5134 3102 Norenzayan, Ara email pic
Paulhus, Del Social/Personality 822-3286 3519 Paulhus, Del email pic
Savalei, Victoria Quantitative Methods, Social/Personality 822-2296 3410 Savalei, Victoria email pic
Schaller, Mark Social/Personality 822-2613 CIRS 4353 Schaller, Mark email pic
Schmader, Toni Social/Personality 822-4826 3533 Schmader, Toni email pic
Tracy, Jessica Social/Personality 822-2718 3515 Tracy, Jessica email pic
Walker, Larry Developmental, Social/Personality 822-3006 2017 Walker, Larry email pic

Emeritus and Honorary Faculty
Butt, Susan Social/Personality (250) 653-4681 Butt, Susan email pic
Campbell, Jennifer Social/Personality Campbell, Jennifer email pic
Suedfeld, Peter Cognitive Science, Social/Personality 822-5713 LMRS 202 Suedfeld, Peter email pic
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