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Baron, Andrew

Core Area(s): Developmental, Social/Personality

Biographical Sketch & Research Interests
My research explores the development of social cognition with a particular emphasis on characterizing the mechanisms (cultural and cognitive) that shape the acquisition and development of intergroup cognition (e.g., social category concepts, attitudes, stereotypes and identity). My lab also seeks to understand the representational building blocks that support the construction of social knowledge structures in children such as those that underlie intergroup prejudice. Reflecting the natural interconnections between areas of psychology, I recruit theories and methods from social, cognitive and developmental psychology to explore these issues. In particular, I use implicit and explicit measures to investigate the nature and ontogeny of dual-process components of cognition. While much of my research focuses on children ages 3-10, I also explore related questions with infants, older children and where appropriate, collaborate on work with non-human primates.

My research is conducted both on campus at UBC and in the newly constructed Living Lab at Science World at TELUS World of Science. Related to my work with the Living Lab, I am very interested in science education and translating scientific knowledge for public consumption through community engagement. To learn more about the Living Lab, please visit

Courses Taught
PSYC 413 Social and Personality Development, PSYC 315 Childhood and Adolescence

Some sections are designated as W-I (Writing-Intensive) by UBC so please check the syllabus beforehand in order to enroll in the desired section.

Representative Publications
See CV publications listing.

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