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Butt, Susan

Core Area(s): Social/Personality

Research Interests
Clinical consultant in psychology of sport, motivation and optimiziation of performance. Clinical, social and personality psychology. Competence theory.

Representative Publications
Books: Butt, D. S. (l987). Psychology of sport: The behavior, personality and performance of athletes. (2nd Edition). New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Nann, D., Butt, D. S., & Ignacio, L. (Eds.) (l984). Mental health, cultural values and social development. Dordrecht, Holland.

Recent publications:
Butt, D. S. (2001). Personality traits and dispositions. Chapter in International Encyclopedia of Women & Sport, pp. 871-875. Macmillan Reference, Great Barrington, MA.

Butt, D. S. (2001). Mental conditioning and mental training. Chapter in International Encyclopedia of Women & Sport. pp. 732--736. lMacmillan Reference, Great Barrington, MA.

Research summary:
Butt, D. S. (1995). On the measurement of competence motivation. In P. Shrout & S. Fiske (Eds.), Personality research, methods and theory, pp. 313-331). Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale, NJ.

Favorite publication:
Butt, D. S. (1971). The psychological environment of the village: Obsolete or essential? In Citizen and City of the Year 2000. pp. 115-122. Kluwer, Deventer, Holland.

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