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Cameron, Ann

Core Area(s): Developmental

Biographical Sketch & Research Interests
In collaboration with colleagues in China, the US, and Japan, we are conducting cross-cultural studies of the development of verbal deception and truth telling. When values regarding such matters as modesty, communitarianism, family reputation, personal friendships, pride in country, etc., collide with honesty, what evaluations and justifications do children come to make?

We are also examining children's and parents' physiological responses to verbal deception in a laboratory setting using a similar procedure to one we have devised to examine individual differences in adolescents' stress responsivity.

With a very different methodology we are studying thriving in early childhood, the early school years, and early adolescence in 14 locations around the globe. We have developed specifically for these investigations, a "Day in the Life" ecological procedure wherein we record one full waking day of a young child or youth's life in their homes, schools and communities. Our book, ‘International perspectives on early childhood research: A day in the life’ was published in 2010 by Palgrave Macmillan.

After having investigated the effects of young children's communicating over the telephone on narrative expression and emergent literacy, we now explore their telephone conversations with intimate family members.

We continue to examine gender as a factor in youth perspectives on healthy and unhealthy intimate relationships.

Representative Publications
Lau, Y.L., Cameron, C.A., Cheih, K.M., O’Leary, J., Fu, G., & Lee, K. (in press 2012). Cultural differences in moral justifications enhance understanding of Chinese and Canadian children’s moral decisions. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

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