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Craig, Ken

Core Area(s): Clinical

Research Interests
Health psychology; psychology of pain and pain management; children's pain; anxiety management.

Representative Publications
Craig, K.D. (2006). The construct and definition of pain in developmental disability. In Symons, F.J. & Oberlander, T.F. (Eds.). Pain in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Paul H. Brookes. pp. 7-18.

Craig, K.D., Stanford, E.A., Fairbairn, N.S., & Chambers, C.T. (2006). Emergent pain language communication competence in infants and children. Enfance, 1, 52-71

Stanford, E.A., Chambers, C.T., & Craig, K.D. (2005). A normative analysis of the development of pain-related vocabulary in children. Pain, 114, 278-284.

Craig, K.D. & Badali, M.A. (2004). Introduction to the Special Series on the Detection of Pain Deception and Malingering. Clinical Journal of Pain, 20, 377-382.

Hadjistavropoulos, T. & Craig, K.D. (Eds.). (2004). Pain: Psychological perspectives. New York, NY: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Craig, K.D., & Pillai, R.R. (2003). Social influences, ethnicity, and culture. In G.A. Finley & P.J. McGrath (Eds.). The context of pediatric pain: Biology, family, society, and culture. Pp. 159-182.Seattle, WA: IASP Press.

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