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Enns, James T.

Core Area(s): Cognitive Science, Developmental

Research Interests
Vision, attention, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, computational vision, development of perception and attention.

Courses Taught
PSYC 366 Research Methods, PSYC 463 Laboratory in Perception, PSYC 309B Cognitive Psychology

Representative Publications
Enns, J.T. (2004). The thinking eye, the seeing brain. NY: WW Norton.

Enns J.T. (2008). Object substitution masking. Scholarpedia: The free peer-reviewed encyclopedia 3(2) 3329.

Lin J.Y. Franconeri S.L & Enns J.T. (2008). Objects on a collision path with the observer demand attention. Psychological Science 19(7) 686-692.

Jefferies L.N. Smilek D. Eich E. & Enns J. T. (2008). Emotional valence and arousal interact in the control of attention. Psychological Science 19(3) 290-295.

van Zoest W. Lleras A. Kingstone A. F. & Enns J.T. (2007). In sight out of mind: The role of eye movements in the rapid resumption of visual search. Perception & Psychophysics 69 1204-1217.

Bennett J.D. Lleras A. Orient C. & Enns J.T (2007). A negative compatibility effect in priming of emotional faces. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 14(5) 908-912.

Lleras, A., Rensink, R. A., & Enns, J. T. (2005). Rapid resumption of an interrupted search: New insights on interactions of memory and vision. Psychological Science 16 684-688.

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