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Giaschi, Deborah

Research Interests
Functional MRI, motion perception, visual development, amblyopia, dyslexia

Courses Taught
PSYC 367 Sensory System, PSYC 368 Perceptual Processes

Representative Publications
Narasimhan S, Giaschi D. (2012) The effect of dot speed and density on the development of global motion perception. Vision Research 62:102-107.

Secen J, Culham J, Ho C, Giaschi D. (2011) Neural correlates of the multiple-object tracking deficit in amblyopia. Vision Research 51:2517-2527.

Hayward J, Truong G, Partanen M, Giaschi D. (2011) Effects of speed, age and amblyopia on the perception of motion-defined form. Vision Research 51:2216-23

Ho C, Giaschi D (2009) Low- and high-level motion perception deficits in anisometropic and strabismic amblyopia: evidence from fMRI. Vision Research 49: 2891-901

Lanyon L, Giaschi D, Au Young S, Fitzpatrick K, Diao L, Bjornson B, Barton J (2009) Combined functional MRI & diffusion tensor imaging analysis of visual motion pathways. Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology 29:96-103

Ho C, Giaschi D (2009) Low- and high-level first-order random-dot kinematograms: evidence from fMRI. Vision Research 49:1814-24

Boden C, Giaschi D (2009) The role of low-spatial frequencies in lexical decision and masked priming. Brain and Cognition 69:580-91

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