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Hakstian, Ralph

Core Area(s): Quantitative Methods

Research Interests
Industrial/organizational psychology, with an emphasis on personnel psychology, psychometric methods, advanced statistical methods.

Courses Taught
Undergraduate PSYC 359 and graduate PSYC 546A Statistical Methods, PSYC 546B Analysis of Variance Techniques, PSYC 546C Multivariate Analysis Techniques, PSYC 546D Factor Analysis, PSYC 546E Personnel Assessment, PSYC 303 Tests and Measurement and PSYC 573 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Representative Publications
Barchard, K. A. & Hakstian, A. R. (2004). The nature and measurement of emotional intelligence abilities: Basic dimensions and their relationships with other cognitive-ability and personality variables. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 64, 437-462.

Hakstian, A. R., Farrell, S., & Tweed, R. G. (2002). The assessment of counterproductive tendencies by means of the California Psychological Inventory. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 10, 58-86.

Scratchley, L. S., & Hakstian. A. R. (2001). The measurement and prediction of managerial creativity. Creativity Research Journal, 13, 367-384.

Farrell, S., & Hakstian, A. R. (2001). Improving salesforce performance: A meta-analytic investigation of the effectiveness and utility of personnel selection procedures and training interventions. Psychology & Marketing, 18, 281-316.

Hakstian, A. R., & Farrell, S. (2001). An openness scale for the California Psychological Inventory. Journal of Personality Assessment, 76, 107-134.

Hakstian, A. R., & Barchard, K. A. (2000). Toward more robust inferential procedures for coefficient alpha under sampling of both subjects and conditions. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 35, 427-456.

Barchard, K. A., & Hakstian A. R. (1997). The robustness of confidence intervals for coefficient alpha under violation of the assumption of essential parallelism. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 32, 169-191.

Hakstian, A. R., Scratchley, L. S., MacLeod, A. a., Tweed, R. G., & Siddarth, S. (1997). Selection of telemarketing employees by standardized assessment procedure. Psychology & Marketing, 14, 703-726.

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