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Linden, Wolfgang

Core Area(s): Clinical, Health

Research Interests
Health psychology; Psychophysiology; Cardiac Rehabilitation; Hypertension; Psychological Adjustment to Cancer.

Courses Taught
PSYC 400 Clinical Psychology, PSYC 534 Clinical Psychology Practicum

Representative Publications
Linden W, Girgis A (2011). Psychological treatment outcomes for cancer patients: What do meta-analyses tell us? Psycho-Oncology, tba.

Linden W, Hewitt PL (2011). Clinical Psychology: A Modern Health Profession. Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA: Prentice-Hall (undergraduate textbook)

Linden W, Talbot Ellis A, Millman R (2010) Deception in reactivity and recovery research, International Journal of Psychophysiology, 75, 33-38

Vodermaier A, Linden W, Siu C (2009) Screening for emotional distress in cancer patients: A systematic review of assessment instruments. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 101, 1464-1488

Satin J, Linden W, Phillips MJ (2009), Depression as a predictor of disease progression and mortality in cancer patients: A meta-analysis. Cancer, 115, 5349-5361

Linden W, Klassen K, Wright JM, Phillips MJ (2008) Can psychological factors account for a lack of nocturnal blood pressure dipping? Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 36, 253-258

Linden W, Satin JR (2007). Avoidable pitfalls in behavioural medicine outcome research. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 33(2), 143-147.

Linden W, Phillips MJ, Leclerc J (2007). Psychological treatment of cardiac patients: A meta-analysis. European Heart Journal. 28, 2972-2984

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