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Rensink, Ron

Core Area(s): Cognitive Science

Research Interests
Visual cognition; visual attention; computational vision; human-computer interaction.

Courses Taught
COGS 200 Introduction to Cognitive Systems, COGS 400 Special Topics in Cognitive Systems, CPSC 532E, PSYC 260 Experimental & Laboratory

Representative Publications
Kuhn G, Amlani AA, and Rensink RA (2008). Towards a science of magic. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 12: 349-354.

Rensink RA (2004). Visual sensing without seeing. Psychological Science, 15:27-32.

Rensink RA (2002). Change Detection. Annual Review of Psychology,53:245-277.

Rensink RA (2002). Internal vs. External Information in Visual Perception. Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Smart Graphics: 63-70. [Smart Graphics 2; Hawthorne, NY, USA.]

Rensink RA (2000). The Dynamic Representation of Scenes. Visual Cognition,7:17-42.

Rensink RA, and Enns JT (1998). Early Completion of Occluded Objects. Vision Research, 38:2489-2505.

Rensink RA, O'Regan JK, and Clark JJ (1997). To See or Not to See: The Need for Attention to Perceive Changes in Scenes. Psychological Science, 8:368-373.

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