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Schmader, Toni

Core Area(s): Social/Personality

Research Interests
Self and social identity, stereotyping and prejudice, coping with social stigma, emotion and motivation, social cognition.

Courses Taught
PSYC 102 Introductory Psychology, PSYC 208 Psychology of Prejudice

Representative Publications
Schmader, T., Forbes, C.E., Zhang, S., & Johns, M.J. (2009). A meta-cognitive
perspective on cognitive deficits experienced in intellectually threatening environments. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Schmader, T., Johns, M., & Forbes, C. (2008). An integrated process model of
stereotype threat effects on performance. Psychological Review, 115, 336-356.

Iyer, A., Schmader, T., & Lickel, B. (2007). Why individuals protest the perceived transgressions of their country: The role of anger, shame, and guilt. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 33, 572-587.

Johns, M., Schmader, T., & Martens, A. (2005). Knowing is half the battle: Teaching stereotype threat as a means of improving women’s math performance. Psychological Science, 16, 175-179.

Lickel, B., Schmader, T., Curtis, M., Scarnier, M., & Ames, D.R. (2005). Vicarious shame and guilt. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 8, 145-157.

Schmader, T., & Johns, M. (2003). Convergent evidence that stereotype threat reduces working memory capacity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 85, 440-452.

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