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Souza, Michael

Core Area(s): Learning Enhancement

Research Interests
The frontal lobes and executive functions, with a particular interest in changes due to age, psychological illness or neurological injury. Cognitive training and neuroplasticity. (Please note: As Instructor-track faculty, I do not supervise graduate students.)

Courses Taught
PSYC 101 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology, PSYC 207 Exploring the Injured Brain, PSYC 301 Brain Dysfunction and Recovery, PSYC 309A Cognitive Processing, PSYC 365 Cognitive Neuroscience

Representative Publications
Wendelken, C., Munakata, Y., Baym, C., Souza, M.J. & Bunge, S.A. (2012). Flexible rule use: common neural substrates in children and adults. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 2(3): 329-39

Bunge, S.A. & Souza, M.J. (2009). Executive Functions, Neuroimaging of. In: G. Adelman and B. Smith,
The Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, 4th edition. Elsevier.

Souza, M.J., Donohue, S.E. & Bunge, S.A. (2009). Controlled retrieval and selection of action-relevant knowledge mediated by partially overlapping regions in left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex. NeuroImage, 46(1): 299-307.

Bunge, S.A. & Souza, M.J. (2007). Neural representations used to specify action. In: S. Bunge and J. Wallis (Eds.), The Neuroscience of Rule-Guided Behavior (pp. 45-66). New York: Oxford University Press.

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