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Zhao, Jiaying

Core Area(s): Cognitive Science

Biographical Sketch & Research Interests
I'm interested in how we detect and extract statistical structure or the lack thereof (i.e., randomness) from the environment, what mechanisms enable these processes, and how they interact with other forms of perception. In addition, my work also examines how we represent the extracted information as beliefs, and how we update our existing beliefs in light of new information. Outside the laboratory, I investigate the psychology of scarcity, identifying and explaining the cognitive consequences of resource scarcity (e.g., lack of money, time, water, or electricity), as well as designing behavioral interventions that mitigate the impact of scarcity.

Representative Publications
Hall, C. C.*, Zhao, J.*, & Shafir, E.* (in press). Self-affirmation among the poor: Cognitive and behavioral implications. Psychological Science. (*equal author contribution)

Zhao, J., & Osherson, D. (in press). Category-based updating. Thinking & Reasoning.

Mani, A.*, Mullainathan, S.*, Shafir, E.*, & Zhao, J.* (2013). Poverty impedes cognitive function. Science, 341, 976-980. (*equal author contribution)

Zhao, J., Al-Aidroos, N., & Turk-Browne, N. B. (2013). Attention is spontaneously biased toward regularities. Psychological Science, 24, 667-677.

Zhao, J., Crupi, V., Tentori, K., Fitelson, B., & Osherson, D. (2012). Updating: Learning versus supposing. Cognition, 124, 373-378.

Zhao, J., Ngo, N., McKendrick, R., & Turk-Browne, N. B. (2011). Mutual interference between statistical summary perception and statistical learning. Psychological Science, 22, 1212-1219.

Zhao, J., & Turk-Browne, N. B. (2011). Incidental encoding of numerosity in visual long-term memory. Visual Cognition, 19, 928-955.

Zhao, J., & Osherson, D. (2010). Updating beliefs in light of uncertain evidence: Descriptive assessment of Jeffrey’s rule. Thinking & Reasoning, 16, 288-307.

Zhao, J., Shah, A. K., & Osherson, D. (2009). On the provenance of judgments of conditional probability. Cognition, 113, 26-36.

Zhao, J., & Costello, F. J. (2008). Computational modelling of switching behaviour in repeated gambles. Artificial Intelligence Review, 27, 209-222.

Song, S., Zhou, H., Fu, X., & Zhao, J. (2005). Affective assessment on criminal suspects in preliminary hearing. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 38, 1-6.

Xia, F., Wang, H., Fu, X., & Zhao, J. (2005). An XML-based implementation of multimodal affective annotation. Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction, 3784, 535-541.

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