The Department of Psychology offers graduate education leading to the MA and the PhD degrees. The detailed requirements for these degrees can be found in the Psychology Graduate Student Handbook, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the UBC Calendar. Studies leading to both degrees must be on a full-time basis; part-time study is not offered.

Graduate students in Psychology receive financial support at levels comparable to those at other major universities. Support is in the form of fellowships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships.

Our Department adheres to an "apprenticeship" model of graduate training in which each graduate student initially works in close collaboration with a particular faculty member. The Department is strongly research oriented; students are expected to engage in research right from the start of their studies. The primary aim of the program is to provide students with the skills necessary to conduct psychological research that is publishable in first-rate journals. In addition, students enrolled in our CPA- and APA-accredited Clinical Program receive clinical training supervised by a faculty member. Accordingly, an important factor in an applicant's admissibility is a matching of research and professional interests between student and faculty member.

All graduate students are expected to know fundamental concepts and methods in several areas of psychology; PhD students are expected to complete courses in areas outside their specialization. Students are encouraged to take courses offered by other departments in the social, biological, medical, and natural sciences. Because the Department believes that well-rounded preparation in psychology is furthered by some teaching experience, students are also encouraged to undertake some limited teaching responsibilities.

Although students are encouraged to complete their studies in 4 years, students sometimes take 5 or 6 years to complete both degrees. Clinical students complete a 1-year internship as part of the requirements for the PhD degree.

The following areas of the Department of Psychology offer graduate training:

Behavioural Neuroscience
Cognitive Science
Learning Enhancement
Quantitative Methods

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