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Power Shutdown Notice - UBC D.T. Kenny Building Scheduled Maintenance, Saturday, June 12th
UBC D.T. Kenny Building Scheduled Maintenance Power Shutdown: Saturday, June 12, 2010.

Please note that network/Internet access to the Kenny Building/Department of Psychology will not be available on Saturday, June 12, 2010. All department servers will be powered off during electrical system maintenance and therefore Email, the Psychology website, and file access will not be available that day. All inbound email will be held by UBC mail-relay servers until power is restored and systems/networks are back on-line.


Date Posted: 06/08/10

The UBC Department of Psychology has won the 2009/10 Alfred Scow Award.
Alfred Scow Award

The UBC Department of Psychology has won the 2009/10 Alfred Scow Award, which is given by the Vice President, Students, to an undergraduate program or department that demonstrates exceptional contributions or significant improvements to the student experience and learning environment at UBC. The award was presented by Brian Sullivan, Vice President, Students, on April 20, 2010. Psychology is the third department to receive this award, which was first offered in 1997.

The criteria for these awards are:
- Direct impact on student access, success, learning, or development.
- Awareness of and support for the needs, quality of life and opportunities for students.
- Degree of involvement by students in need assessment, planning, implementation, or program evaluation where appropriate.
- Openness, flexibility and responsiveness to students.

Many recent initiatives offered by the Psychology Department have been possible due to a $1.4 million bequest from the Estate of Michael J. Quinn plus a $610K top-up from the Faculty of Arts. These include summer fellowships, research travel grants and internships, exchange programs for graduate students, lecture series and alumni events. Many department funded activities also contribute to the student experience such as the Undergraduate Research Conference, enhanced Teaching Assistant training, the Mentorship Certificate Program, and Teaching Smackdowns. While Psychology has a long history of engaging undergraduates in research in upper level courses, with support from the Faculty of Arts and the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, recent curriculum changes will introduce second year students to interesting research opportunities through labs and tutorials in Psyc 217 and 218.

This multi-pronged approach implemented by our department over the last few years has provided the undergraduate students in our program a rich and diversified educational experience. Our endeavors have yielded a new generation of graduates who carry with them multiple skills that will facilitate their future pursuits towards numerous career opportunities, both within and outside of psychology. However, perhaps the greatest benefit of these programs is refining our studentsí ability to think critically about real-world challenges, which in turn makes them not only more productive members of the workforce, but also more productive members of society.


Date Posted: 06/07/10

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