Welcome to the Department of Psychology's Digital Signage!

Digital signage is located on the 1st floor north-side and 2nd floor north and south-side of the Kenny building. The signage screens are active and online from 6 am to 8 pm weekdays for displaying content provided by the psychology department and its members and UBC's campus-wide content. In general your signage content will play about 4 to 5% of the time during the daily rotation of signages. This amounts to approximately 9 to 12 plays per hour. If you are interested in having your content displayed contact digitalsignage@psych.ubc.ca.

General Guidelines:

You may design your content as a 1280 x 720, 960 x 540 pixels or 16:9 resolution image document (png, jpeg, tiff,wmv).  When designing your signage take into consideration the psych infobar along the bottom of the signage screen. The psych infobar overlays on top of your signage and measures in size approximately 1280 x 100 pixels for a 1280 x 720 image. For text clarity do not place any text in this area. Powerpoint is an easy to use tool for designing and formatting a 1280 x 720 slide (text, images,drawings) and then capturing the slide as an image.  Use these Powerpoint psych signage templates to design your signage. The templates are an assortment of UBC campus templates, psych signage starter templates and examples with guidelines. There's also the UBC digital signage templates which include the UBC brand logo and background colors.

Digital signage content may be submitted as a Powerpoint or image document.  Once we have a copy of your signage content, it will be reviewed and then posted on the Digital Signage screens! We will also need to know the start and end dates for when your content is displayed on the signage screens.  In general your content is included in the digital signage shuffle rotation and when displayed will remain on the screen for 10 to 15 seconds. See below for more information information on the digital signage content guidelines.

Digital Signage Design Checklist

Content Management Guidelines

Design Guide & Checklist