All entering students are considered for a university entrance fellowship; no separate application is required.  Incoming students should also apply for external awards for which they are eligible.  Recipients must decline a UBC entrance fellowship if they receive a major external fellowship.

The Department offers several one-year and multi-year fellowships of $17,500 (and higher), as well as top-up awards for external fellowship holders.  Applicants are offered these fellowships based on nominations from prospective research supervisors and an adjudication of students' academic records by the Department's Admissions Committee.  Funding for these fellowships comes from various sources, including the University's Graduate Support Initiative, the Department's Lacey Fellowship, and allocations from the Faculty of Arts and the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

The Department also offers several four-year fellowships (4YF) to outstanding applicants to the doctoral program.  Students who are recipients of a 4YF are guaranteed a minimum level of funding until the end of their fourth year of PhD studies, subject to satisfactory progress in their academic program.  The minimum stipend for 4YF recipients is $18,000 per year, plus a tuition award equal to their tuition assessment.  The stipend and tuition award are adjusted should students also receive external fellowship support, but the minimum level of funding is guaranteed.