UBC Affiliated Awards

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers about 160 fellowships each year to meritorious students for full-time study and/or search leading to a graduate degree.  Awards are made on the basis of academic excellence and are open to currently registered, full-time UBC graduate students regardless of citizenship or visa status.  Several of the UBC Affiliated fellowships have no specific criteria (unrestricted), whereas many others have some affiliation or special research focus as part of their criteria (criteria-based).  These fellowships come from endowments (e.g., Killam, Li Tze Fong, and Paetzold fellowships). Note that the long-standing University Graduate Fellowships program has been discontinued and the funding has been rolled into the Four Year Doctoral Fellowship program.  Only the top graduate students with a minimum first-class standing  (80% or higher at UBC) in each of the last two years of full-time study are nominated.  Competition for UBC Affiliated Awards is strong each year and there are always many more applications than the department’s quota of nominations.

Deadline – to the Department, 3rd Monday in September