NOTE: Admissions are determined by the UBC Admissions office (822-3014), not the Dept. of Psychology.

Students intending to Major in Psychology must first apply to UBC under either the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science.

Each Faculty (Arts and Science) determine their GPA (grade point average) required for admission.

The application deadline for the Winter Session (September-April) is January 31st.

For general inquires regarding Admission, please contact Enrolment Services 604-822-9836 or toll free 1-877-272-1422.

The minimum academic standing to qualify for admission to the University as a transfer student is successful completion of 24 transferable credits with a "C" average (60% where 50% is the passing grade, or 2.0 on a 4-point scale). However, this is only the University minimum GPA. Each Faculty set their Faculty admission average which can be considerably higher than the minimum University GPA.

Applicants with fewer than 24 university transferable credits are evaluated on the basis of both final secondary school grades and their post-secondary studies completed.

Academic standing is based on the average of all college of university courses attempted, including failures and repeated courses. In the case of applicants with more than 60 credits of prior study, the admission average is calculated on the basis of the most recently completed 60 credits.

To be eligible for second year, applicants must normally have successfully completed 30 credits, and satisfied all promotion requirements for advancement to that year. Applicants to third year must have successfully completed 54 to 60 credits, and satisfied all promotion requirements for advancement to that year.

Be sure to check the following websites for more information .

Student Service Center

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Science