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General questions concerning courses and status

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Undergraduate Advising

Advising appointments can be pre-booked for time slots on Wed. or Thurs. between 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm by emailing


Drop-in advising is available from 10-12 and 2-4 on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Students majoring in Psychology are not required to seek Departmental advice. You are, however, strongly encouraged to review your program with a Faculty of Arts Advisor well before you plan to graduate.

Jennifer Janicki
Academic Advisor

604-822-2892 Kenny 2502
Honours Enquiries By appointment. Larry Walker
604-822-3005 Kenny 2017
Waiving Requirements
for BA Programs
By appointment. Gillian Watson
Arts Co op Advising By appointment. Gillian Watson

For more information on the Arts Co-op program see


(those PSYC courses with a 6 as the middle digit, eg., 260)


Advisor Email
Michael Souzasouza@psych.ubc.caKenny 2531

Boris Gorzalka  


If you can't register in a course it may be due to the following restrictions:

Year and Program Status

Undergraduate Psychology courses restrict enrolment to students in the appropriate year. For example, in order to register in 200 level Psyc. courses, you must have Year 2 standing on the Student Service Center.

Credits: Students are limited to a set number of credits each year and each term. Ensure that you may add courses before coming to see one of our advisors. If you want to increase your enrolment limit you must obtain permission to do so from your Faculty Office (e.g., Arts or Science) before you may register.

GIS Courses: Some Faculties do not permit students to register directly in Guided Independent Study courses or limit the number they may take. If the Student Service Center says you're ineligible but you're in the correct year, this restriction is likely preventing you from registering. See your Faculty Office advisor.

Graduate Courses: Only graduate students in Psychology may register directly in our graduate courses. If you wish to take one of them you must obtain the instructor's permission. Registration in some courses is restricted to students in our graduate program in Clinical Psychology.

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